Our Music

The week we entered Williams in September, 1965 the top single was the Beatles' "Help."  When we graduated, it was still the Beatles, this time with "Get Back."  We listened to a lot of Beatles tunes over those four years, but when it was party time, Motown and soul took over. You might remember hearing the Sam and Dave Review live (middle, left). We were also in the middle of the folk movement (Ian and Sylvia, right middle) played the gym, too. Woodstock happened the summer we graduated. Some of us were actually there. Look for your friends in the crowd scene at the top.  Note: most of the following links are from YouTube, and a few have (very) short ads. If they bother you, just switch to the next Web site. Plenty of music here for everyone. So scroll down, hook up your headphones, click on any headline and prepare to spend a couple of hours in the Wayback Machine.


Classic Hits of the 60s 

Quirky collector's post, includes Rosie and the Originals, the Beatles and the immortal Pete Drake and his talking steel guitar (you have to see it to believe it).

Paste Magazine's 100 Top Songs of the 60s

Interesting because it includes some influential music you might not remember. Do you recall "The 13th Floor Elevators?" They helped define psychedelic music.

Pitchfork's 200 top hits of the 1960s

Eclectic barely describes this mixture of pop hits, top jazz recordings, and covers  of hit songs by talented people most of us have never heard of. Description: "These are the 200 songs that most resonate with a generation too young to have experienced the decade firsthand, but old enough to know it had more to offer than "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Including a spectacular, classic soul riff on the Stones' hit "Time is on My Side," not to mention some generally weird stuff, such as  France Gall's "Laisse Tomber les Filles.” Not exactly hum-along material. Try it out on your kids, or grandkids.
100 hits from the 60s. Can you identify them from a 15-second clip? Hint: Just keep typing. You get credit for a right answer even if the game has moved on to the next sound clip.
From Slate. Can you name a tune from the 60s after hearing just one second of music?